Oxymaxx Multi-Purpose Solution

Multi-purpose solution by Oxymaxx helps makes wearing contact lenses easy on your eyes. Oxymaxx lenses are formulated to be your eyes best partner, to work like your eyes and not an outsider.

Key Features & Benefits of Solution:-

1- Up to 12 hours of moisture.
2- Uses a lubricant found naturally in your eyes.
3- Matches the pH of healthy tears.
4- Kills 99.9% of germs.


To condition, clean, remove protein and disinfect lenses, complete these simple steps. This daily routine is recommended for a healthy and comfortable contact lens wearing experience:

1- Place at least 3 drops of Oxymaxx multi-purpose product on each side of the lens surface and gently rub for 10 -15 seconds.

2- Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens with Oxymaxx multi-purpose product.

3- Then put cleaned contact lenses in the lens case and fill with fresh Oxymaxx multi-purpose solution. Soak at least 3-4 hours. Remember to always use fresh solution – discard solution from lens case after each use.

Your lenses are now ready to wear. Easy to wear. Perfect to wear.


If not wearing contact lenses immediately then store them in a closed lens case. Do not store your lenses in simple saline in place of Oxymaxx multi-purpose solution. Saline product will not disinfect. If you store your lenses for longer periods of time.

They must be cleaned, kept very carefully and disinfected with fresh Oxymaxx multi-purpose product prior to lens insertion.

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