Color Toric Lenses: What you Should Know?


Finding the right lenses depends on your lifestyle, your budget, and your vision needs.


Color toric lenses
So Spread your fashion wings and let Oxymaxx Toric Lens correct your Astigmatism. The exclusive purpose of Toric Lens is to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism causes blurry vision and halts seeing fine details. Oxymaxx Toric Lens corrects astigmatism with different refractive powers in order to correct your vision.
Color toric lens

Color toric lenses are specially made up with a thought of people suffering from astigmatism in mind. Astigmatism is a condition which causes blurred vision because of the irregularly shaped cornea. Not only this, people with astigmatism often have issues with the passage of light through the cornea which additionally causes a distorted sight.

These color toric lenses are as comfortable as the normal lenses and are adaptive to the eyes of a person. Moreover, they come in all kinds. From daily wears toric lenses to yearly ones and from monthly toric lenses to the colored ones. Color toric lenses are chosen widely by the people for vision correction and have totally been marked safe for use by the opticians and doctors.

Color toric lenses made by us are demanded around the world for their ability to naturally enhance the look of the iris. Also, toric lenses from Oxymaxx are made after several series of testing by our team of highly qualified specialists. Hence, you can totally rely on the quality, flexibility and the durability of the lenses manufactured by us.


The season's high definition toric lens utilizes the same aberration control geometry of the high definition lens. The ideal aspheric curvatures for each soft lens power and thickness are incorporated and lens flexure compensated.
This along with cylinder power correction results in improved visual acuity at all distance. As well as increased depth of field. And improved contrast sensitivity, providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. The high definition geometry also minimizes cylinder power by making up to one diopter refraction astigmatism, satisfying the toric fittings.
Color toric lenses description

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