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Clear Lens
We perceive that no two eyes are equivalent. You and your eye care proficient have an arrangement for your vision, and we're here to ensure you discover the vision rectification you require at a value you'll cherish so you can appreciate clear, uncompromised eyesight. Your eye care professional may recommend daily wear or extended wear* from 1 to 30 days between removals, for cleaning and disinfection or disposal of the lens.

Eye lenses oxymaxx




Oxymaxx incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens, power, and the thickness and compensates for aberration caused by Lens flexible on the eyes. This results in improved visual acuity at all distance, as well as increase depth of field,  reduced refractive astigmatism and improved contrast sensitivity, providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. The Seasons High Definition Lens is an excellent choice for astigmatism, early presbyopia, and those who wish to improve their overall vision.


Advantages of Oxymaxx High Definition DW - Aspheric Lens :

1- Improves visual acuity.
2-Enhanced contrast sensitivity.
3- Gives Superb Comfort.
4- Correct astigmatism up to one diopter.
5- Easily handle.



UV inhibitor material to protect your eyes, Superb comfort, Easy for caring of the lens, High water content & UV blocker. Providing excellent vision with the aberration control.

Description :

1- UV inhibitor material to protect your eyes.
2- Superb comfort.
3- Easy for caring for the lens.
4- High water comfort & UV Blocker.
5- Providing excellent vision with aberration control.



Uv- 55 lenses
Clear lenses

Progressive Lens

Progressive lenses will help you see clearly at all distances. The power of progressive lenses changes gradually from point to point on the lens surface, providing the correct lens power for seeing objects clearly at virtually any distance.

Advantages of Progressive Lenses :

1- It provides clear vision at all distances.
2- It eliminates bothersome "image jump" caused by bifocals and trifocals.
3- Because there are no visible "bifocal lines" in progressive lenses, they give you a more youthful appearance than bifocals or trifocals.

Progressive lenses