Thinking about giving your face a new life? Or maybe prepping up for a party and cannot think of a style statement? Following your queries, we’ll today introduce you to one such new fashion statement that will definitely enhance your beauty and will change the way you look.

Yes, we are talking about the absolutely ravishing colored lenses that have paved the way into the beauty industry and are already a hit amongst many celebrities. Undoubtedly, colored lenses are a way to cover up everything at once; a no make-up face, a dull face or even dark under-eye circles.

Everyone these days is adopting the trend of donning colored lenses to bring out new changes in their appearances. Not only this, many companies too are stepping into the eye lens industry to cater to the people. However, you might be surprised to know that not every company producing colored eye lenses can be trusted for the fact that the material used in the making of lenses can be easily forged to make cheaper lenses that are not suitable for the eyes.

We at Oxymaxx believe in delivering the best to our customers and therefore totally dedicate ourselves in providing the most trusted lenses of all kinds. Our colored lens collection comes in a variety of shades and you can even get the lenses customized to suit your eye number.

What are you waiting for? Select the best shade from our range of colored lenses for your eyes and get started with a journey of change and beauty. We promise that you will be glad to choose us.

About Oxymaxx

The company "S.CONSLENS INDIA" was incorporated in the year 2005. The brand "OXYMAXX" was launched in the same year. The company is managed by highly skilled professionals. The company is committed to providing top of the line material backed by unmatched service giving utmost satisfaction to consumers of contact lenses. All lenses are procured from best manufacturers who follow GMP and adhere strictly to FDA(USA) Standards. The product details given in pages to follow contains interesting information for users and all others.

Oxymaxx offers you multiple ways to do that with a spectrum of options. Oxymaxx is a leading brand which offers style with luxurious comfort thanks to advanced Korean technology that provides an oxygen-enriched ultra-comfortable lens. Designed with a high level of UV blocking delivering exceptional vision every time.


Oxymaxx has been designed to fit the needs of everyone who needs contact lenses. Moreover, our customizations go beyond your imaginations and expectations as we design our products with your preferences in our mind.

Our experience of over 15 years and our determined team of highly qualified people deliver the best products and we promise to never disappoint our customers. Not only this, the latest technology of making and up to date trends of fashion is followed by us enthusiastically and we work on similar lines to make lenses that are trending worldwide.

Shop our range of contact lenses to be a part of this legacy of happiness and satisfaction.

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